“You can’t always control what you are given in life, but you can control what you do with it. 

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Misty Blue Foster would like to welcome everyone who has read about her in the June 1, 2015 issue of
Woman's World Magazine

Who is Misty Blue Foster?

Misty Blue Foster is a part time international inspirational & motivational speaker, blogger and poet, but an amazing nurse full time.

Misty Blue Foster's inspirational life story starts out with being born with the major birth defects of cloacal exstrophy and spina bifida, which has led to lifelong hospitalizations.   

Misty Blue was homeless at a very young age, and then again later in life.  However early on in her life, her mother was arrested due to a drug addition. This led to Misty Blue's mother's incarceration, and in which she passed away in jail, when Misty Blue was only about 5 years of age.

Misty Blue then grew up within the foster care system of California, and unfortunately she knows all the benefits and downfalls of that system, and has had to overcome the inherent disabilities created because of her personal foster care situation.

However with all of those issues, how could anyone have a chance to succeed in life, but Misty Blue has, and within an article, that was published in the San Mateo County Times, on the front page of the January 4, 2010 Issue. by the author Neil Gonzoles he wrote: 

"Much hasn't gone well in Foster's young life, but she's not complaining.

In fact, she's thriving despite — or even perhaps because of — the medical, emotional and other challenges she has endured."

Today Misty Blue Foster at the age of 26 is married to a loving husband and is working as a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) at a hospital in the Bay Area of California, while at the same time she is going to school to work on earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

In November of 2012 Misty Blue Foster was honored to be named to the Courage to Shine Team to speak at the ASEXVE Medical Conference in Avila, Spain.  She spoke about overcoming all her medical obstacles to about 150 patients, family members and medical professionals.  She was truly honored for the invitation to attend.

Courage to Shine - Tour III - Spain - ASEXVE Medical Conference in Avila, Spain - November 23-25 2012 (Report) 

Afectados de extrofia vesical reclaman unidades de referencia (Affected units bladder exstrophy claim reference) Diario de Avila.es – November 24, 2012

Courage to Shine - Tour III - Spain - Video

In April of 2011 Misty Blue Foster was honored to have been named to the Courage to Shine Teama team of patient role models, who traveled to Swadiacote, England, UK to participate in an event called Breakaway-Visits.  

Breakaway-Visits is the only Wales & England based charity offering a residential weekend activity breaks for young people, age 4-18, with bowel and/or bladder diversions and/or dysfunctions.

In May of 2011 Misty Blue Foster, traveled to Iceland, to talk with patients about living life to the fullest, but she was taught by two other great patients, that thier ideas of living life to the fullest, by riding Icelandic horses and mountain climbing maybe even to much for Misty Blue to handle. 

Top: Misty Blue riding and Icelandic horse
Middle: Misty Blue climbing a glacier in Iceland (also background photo)
Bottom: Misty Blue climbing a waterfall in Iceland 

Misty Blue Foster with Thomas Exler climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

In June of 2010 Misty Blue Foster was honored to have been asked, to be one of the four international presenters at the 1st  BEECHAC (Bladder Exstrophy, Epispadias, Cloacal exstrophy, Hypospadias, Australian Community) International Conference, that was held in Sydney, Australia.   Her inspiration presentations changed many families and young patients' lives during that conference.

Misty Blue Speaking at the 2010 BEECHAC Conference in Sydney Australia

Misty Blue on looking over a valley in the Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales, Australia

In August of 2009, Misty was a speaker at the 2009 ABC/HEA International Exstrophy, Epispadias and Hypospadias Conference held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, where she had a room in tears after hearing her amazing and inspirational story.

Misty Blue speaking at the 2009 ABC/HEA International Exstrophy, Epispadais & Hypospadias Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennylvania, USA

In addition to talking about her health issues, in November 2009 Misty Blue was asked to be a presenter at the LACY Honor Awards and spoke about LACY (Legal Advocates for Children & Youth) Services to the Silicon Valley Children's Youth.

Above are photos from the LACY Honor Awards in November of 2009, along with Jennifer Azzi, head women's basketball coach at University of San Francisco and Don Bleu from 101.3 FM in the Bay Area of California.

Misty Blue Foster, story is as story of true resiliency and determination, while Misty Blue is actually a young lady of true humility.  

Hopefully after reading these articles and viewing the videos on this website, you will come away with a new look on your own life, and hopefully you will also be able to inspire others with your own real life adventures. 
"My Name is Misty Blue"

Comments on 
"My Name is Misty Blue": 

"This is the incredible story of a young lady who has overcome many obstacles in her life with great determination and I believe is a lesson to us all."                by New Zealand Ostomate Magazine Editor- New Zealand Ostomate Magazine - Issue 1 of 2011 - The Misty Blue Foster Story, Page 27 

"I had the privilege of meeting this amazing woman in Pittsburgh and Sydney. Her story is one of breath taking resiliency and determination. She reminds all of us that life gets better if you just hang on. Sit down with a cup of tea and a box of kleenex. I promise you wont complain about having a rough day for at least a week."     G William Deegan, Executive Director of Hypospadias & Epispadias Association (HEA)

Other Comments from YouTube.com

Misty, I recently read the article on you and watched your YouTube video. It was so very inspirational to me.  I've recently started going to a support group for ostomies, which has helped, but nothing has helped me more since i got mine than your video. After I watched it I just wanted to run out and contribute to society in some way. So I will be volunteering any day now at a no-kill animal shelter. You just gave me that positive energy that I can do anything I put my mind to. You amaze me!!  - pipletpsu - May 2011

Without a doubt, the most inspirational story I have ever heard. I went through such a wide range of emotions watching and listening to you speak. You have left a deep impression on my life, and I am sure that your story has laid the foundation of courage in many. Thank you so much for sharing - you are such an incredible woman!  - Katiehry - May 2011

I had a pleasure to meet Misty.  She is amazing woman!!!!  Is soo hard to put in(to) words what kind of support  (of) hope and light she brought into my daughter's life.   Misty thank you soooooooooooooooo much!  - Monika and Maya - May 2011

Misty Blue Foster named Great Comebacks - 2009 Ina Brudnick Award Recipient, West Region

On Saturday October 10, 2009, Misty Blue Foster was awarded the 2009 Ina Brudnick Award by Rolf Benirschke founder of the Great Comebacks Program, sponsored by ConvaTec.

Coping with two ostomies would be difficult for any child. Misty Blue Foster had added health challenges from spina bifida and cloacal exstrophy, a birth defect in which inner-abdominal structures are exposed. She managed these conditions with grace and maturity all while growing up in foster care, and today she’s determined to support others  through their struggles." 
 -2009 Great Comebacks

Other Photos of 
Misty Blue Foster:
Misty Blue on top of Tamworth Castle in Tamworth, England, UK

Misty Blue at work as a nurse

Misty Blue in Pittsburgh on a riverboat on the Ohio River.

Misty Blue working as a Nurse

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